A Waffle with Stephen King

20 Jan

“You will take my waffle when you pry it from my cold, dead, syrup-caked-diabetic hands. I stand my ground.”


Stephen King and I have a tweet similarity, or so it seems we have  a waffle lot in common! 

Note the following tweets and dates:

(YouTube clip no longer available featuring Charlton Heston at NRA)

…And Here’s Johnny:

If you read this, Mr. King, thanks kindly and please consider the following: I have decided to #MakeAWish for the momentous occasion of my upcoming 30th  jubilee of Type1 Diabetes (who does that?!);  I would love to have a waffle with you sometime.  Please contact me via twitter.  Thank you again, from one of your biggest syrup-caked fans in Maine.



Toadally Awesome Derek Art Exhibit

8 Nov


18 Oct



Strips Wallpaper

26 Aug
The road to hell is paved with blood glucose test strips. --Diabetic Fury

The road to hell is paved with blood glucose test strips. –Diabetic Fury


Vials of Fury

6 Aug

Vials of Fury

Accidental Insulin Overdose

15 Jul
Accidental insulin overdoses happen. --Diabetic Fury

Accidental insulin overdoses happen.
–Diabetic Fury


30 May

The Year 2000

28 Apr

From the Archives of Diabetic Fury,  A Look Back to the Future: The Year 2000 from 1979.

The following essay I wrote in third grade, as an eight-year-old visionary.

The Year 2000

October 10, 1979

The Year 2000

In the year 2000, there will be computers that can do almost anything for you.

Almost everything will be done by pushbutton.

We may have robots to do our housework and to take care of our houses while we’re working.

Our houses wil be very very modern because all our energy will come from the sun to keep us warm.

Our cars will be made so if there is alot of traffic we can go up into the air like a hellicopter.

Maybe for kids there might be pills so you would not get one cavite.

And best of all you can watch anything you want on television.

*Special thanks to Conan O’Brien, for some of the funniest televised visions of The Year 2000!

Halle Berry : Type What!?

26 Apr


Posterwoman for the embodiment of Diabetes ambiguity

I’m a Pepper

25 Apr

Sometimes to my surprise,  the cleverer and funnier tweets oft go lonesomely unretweeted and without a single favorite.

But that’s OK. I know I’m not the only one who knows I’m hilarious; so does Peabody and Emmy Award Winning comedic writer genius,  Rob_Kutner.

Thanks for the favorite, Rob!



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